About us
Rollforming Systems Machinery (RSM) - have been operating on the Polish market since 1999. We specialize in the production of machinery and equipment for the production of gutters, downspouts and roof panels in a Englert continuous system. We also manufacture machines for the production of special profiles. All our machines meet the requirements of European Union directives (CE)
Roffing panel machines

Rollforming Systems Machinery (RSM) is a recognized brand of a manufacturer of machines for the production of roof panels. More than half of manufactured machines successfully compete on the American market.

The advantage of our machines is the production of panels of any length, also directly on the construction site.  This significantly reduces the final cost of the constructed roofing by eliminating;

  • panel storage costs
  • costs of their transport to the construction site,
  • waste – the production of each panel is practically made to measure

By applying solutions, we provide our customers with larger areas to generate profits!

Gutter and downspound pipe machines

Our company offers a wide range of machines working in the rollformig system, producing range of profiles and sections for gutters and downspouts. At the customer’s request both, gutter and roof panel machines are adapted to the selected operating modes;

– mobile – the production of gutters takes place directly on the construction site

– stationary – production takes place at the customer’s plant

Special profile machines
We can design and build machines according to the wishes of customers, in close cooperation with them. We precede this process with the analysis and technical requirements carried out by our design office. Include a drawing of your profile in the inquiry, in any graphic format (not exceeding 2MB). Within 48hrs we will try to answer the question as to the time of building the machine with its approximate valuation

Our machines for the production of special profiles successfully producing today in several countries in Europe and America;
• soffit panel systems,
• panels for fences system,
• walls covers,
• snow guard systems for roof panels and much more